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These materials have been carefully developed for young learners to provide the time and steps necessary to explore and understand these fundamental aspects of economic life.



'Welcome to the Fascinating World of Money' Books 1-3, our key materials, are aimed at children from transitional stages, around ages 10-12, and up.



'Welcome to the Fascinating World of Money'
Books 1-3



Subjects covered include:


  • Money - its nature or form in the modern world, where it comes from, how it is created and by who, as well as how it is transferred between people all around the economy.

  • Banking - including bank accounts, bank savings, payment facilities and how banks facilitate the "lifecycle of money" - that is, the creation, circulation and eventual settlement of money.

  • Debt - including for purchases as large as a home.

  • Physical money - the real role banknotes and coins play in an economy.

  • History and theory - some of the background that helps money make sense.





Coming Soon! Aimed at children around the ages of 13-15, 'Thinking About Tax; How Governments Raise Money' takes a much more candid than usual look at taxation, including some history of tax conflict and the contention that exists between those who advocate for privatization and those who believe governments should protect the commons and public revenues in order to safeguard public services and lower taxes. Through these we explore some of the nature of democracy, the concept of rights and the reality of power.



'Thinking About Tax; How Governments Raise Money'



Subjects covered include:


  • The importance of the public sector and public services.

  • The importance of fairness in taxation to democracy.

  • The key sources of conflict between those who pay taxes and those who levy and spend them.

  • The relationship between taxes and national debts.

  • The tax burden placed on working households today.

  • The historic conflict between those who advocate for privatization and those who advocate for a commons, protected public revenues and lower taxes.





Children who complete these courses will:


  • Have been introduced to and will understand arguably the most important facts of economic life.

  • Have had the chance to study a syllabus that is conventionally not catered to in their schools.

  • Have gained an advantage over many who study or concern themselves with economic life at much higher levels.

  • Be much better prepared for participation in economic and democratic life than those who have not.


















Our Resources Are Unique

Both 'Welcome to the Fascinating World of Money' Books 1-3 and 'Thinking About Tax; How Governments Raise Money' are unique educational resources. They are part of an ambitious new effort to get conventionally unattended subject matters into schools and make them accessible to young learners.



You can't study or teach this syllabus anywhere else.




'Welcome to the Fascinating World of Money', Books 1-3


'Thinking About Tax; How Governments Raise Money'




We don't want to work for the benefit of just a few people, we want to change the way economics is taught and thought about all over the world. Your use of our materials and your support for our efforts more widely helps greatly in that cause. One day, the world will change and it'll be because you participated.